Your teammate really doesn’t expect it.

Interesting moments in a volleyball team when after the match, a person came and called a member of the team and was interviewing a guy who was trying to do a golf game on a baseball field.
But that didn’t happen, and I wanted to come back on the interview screen and see what happened to everyone who laughed so loudly.
when he made his move, the ball flew right into his comrade’s leg, making everyone laugh.
It is a sport of great interest and it is used as a recreational game in addition to baseball being held in competition.

Baseball is a team sport. In particular, a player from this team (the handler) will throw the ball (the size he holds in his hand) very hard towards the other team’s player, and this person will try to hit the baseball with a bat before it is summed up by the teammate behind the friend (the catcher).
A team only scores when the fight is completed, running through 4 landmarks called bases placed in 4 corners of the square. Each base is 90 feet apart.

Baseball is sometimes referred to as hardball to distinguish it from other sports similar to softball. This is also called America’s National Pastime, because it’s originally from the United States.
In addition, baseball is also played in many other countries such as Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Japan,…
Many people believe that baseball is the maximum combination of skill, time, physical fitness and strategy. Yogi Berra (a baseball legend) once said, “Baseball has 90% mental-the rest physical.”
Many Americans have the idea that it is not good to play football without your hands, so they tend to prefer it to football.

It’s the oldest and most popular sport in America. There is always a special culture that comes with nosbcluding the game itself, the pitch, the players and the fans.
baseball is the maximum combination of skill, time, physical fitness and strategy.

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