What’s going on or explain what it’s like.

There are many ways in life today to create something, but don’t get lost.
In the video is the behavior of a young man who is throwing a blanket at a man who is a hard man and it seems to be a joke of a group of young men who are doing it to someone he doesn’t know.
The man was shopping at the mall and suddenly something hit him and all the furniture was then thrown up towards them.
The youth group that did it viewed the man as a joke to be able to create a video that was posted on social media sites that drew people’s interest and interaction to their channel.

But that could also affect the man, who didn’t even know what was going on when he saw the young man being appointed, he helped him up.
That makes them think about respect for others in life.
Don’t do what you don’t want others to do to you. When people live with respect, the relationship will become better and more meaningful. Therefore, respect for others is a necessary quality in every human being.

Respect for others is the proper evaluation, respect for the honor, dignity and interests of others. Respecting others is also respecting, loving and harmonizing with others in life.
To be respected and respected by others is the right and responsibility of every human being. In life, everyone has a need to be respected.
Being respectful of people to find themselves useful, meaningful and passionate life, trusting to work. Being respected by everyone increases the energy of living in yourself.
If you respect him, then he will respect you. Everyone has a reason and a value to survive. Even the least cowardly wants to be respected by others. So if we want to be respected by others, we need to be respectful of others first.

Respect for each other is the basis for social relations to be healthier, clearer and better. Knowing respect for others also means knowing the bridge that connects the heart to the heart.
Respecting the people around you gives us more friendship and gives you more chances to succeed. Never despise or laugh because they’re poor or ugly.
Let respect be a bridge of friendship and a gateway to success.
Living with respect for others is a good, noble lifestyle. Living with respect for others makes our lives peaceful, full of love and happiness.


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