What you do is it’s like our brothers.

The image in the video reminds me of my image of my brother when small things in life also create memories that cannot be forgotten.
When we’re always fighting over bread or everyday snacks, what’s the tiniest thing or what makes life happen.
a family is something sacred that tries to connect and love each other in life today and later.
fraternity in the family is also a noble divine affection but few people care about it.

First of all, it is the relationship between people of the same bloodline in the family and those who love each other, but it is not that simple, but it is the love that is shared between brothers in a family.
It is a divine feeling that comes from the individual that every human being does not falsely take advantage of each other. It’s an intimate affection and sometimes it’s a sacrifice to each other that’s never more real.
Since our childhood, we have been taught by our parents and grandparents to love and respect our brothers and sisters and to give in to loving you. By the time we grow up, we will be taught about our family’s brotherhood through stories such as the canoe or the fairy tale of the tree.

Although each story has a different content, through which we can see that our people, his father, told us an affection, a very high moral beauty, which is to know how to love each other.
That’s what brotherhood is like, no matter how much we love ourselves, we still love and care for each other like our limbs and we can’t throw it away.
It’s like a part of our body, wanting to stop it, having to cut off our limbs, and that’s not possible.
In the family, there is always mutual teasing, each member has a mutual interest and attention to each other is sacred and noble.

we must always cherish the moments of being together with our loved ones.
the brotherly sentiment is very important and precious. That affection is the boundless power that helps us overcome the crags of our lives, the harbor of peace when we encounter the winds of our lives. We young people are soon aware of it so as not to waste warm and memorable moments with the people we love .


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