The boy who is at risk of infecting others is causing fierce controversy in the online community.

The guy in the video is using affectionate gestures, passionately kissing the girls in the bar. Consisting of a group of girls in the bar lying next to each other then each girl will be kissed by this guy French style, a passionate and intense kiss.

This guy showed great interest and felt that he was lucky to be able to kiss so many beautiful girls that other guys wanted.

He kissed the girls one by one, the same kiss but only with so many girls. Every time you kiss a girl, the next girl behind will drink and both will drink that way.

Many netizens expressed their anger and frustration at the guy’s actions. They fear that those kisses will inadvertently infect us with some diseases without our knowledge.

His actions make viewers feel terrible when this happens to these girls. And these girls also make viewers unhappy when lying on the table waiting for him to kiss.

“a prime example of how disease can be transmitted”

“You can do whatever you want, as long as you can, but you can’t get a second wife to do long-term business, even if the first wife is guilty, it’s also a crime.”

But it is not unexpected when that guy also makes viewers angry and criticizes that action. Some honest opinions are:

“All the bad comments about girls! What about this man…??? He doesn’t respect himself either!”

“You just drank four liters of shampoo in one sitting.”

Currently, the video is still being watched and discussed by many people. Therefore, this article attracts a lot of readers’ interest.

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