Caught my best friend staring at my brother :D

Admittedly, love has always been an interesting part of this life. Love is graceful, whoever the lover is, their love story contains many beautiful things. My brother fell in love with my little friend…

I never thought I’d be able to make tomorrow, but I never thought I’d be an impossible tomorrow. I remember, when my brother and my little friend went public, because they were best friends, I was the first to know.
A lot of people think I’m a matchmaker for them, but the truth is, I’m the one who totally wails.
I had a best friend who was a boy when I went to college. Because I am close, I take my friends home many times. So he also met and knew all my parents, my brother. Speaking of my brother, I’m proud. He had many good achievements at work, had bought a car at the age of 25 and took great care of me.

However, the other day he went out to play with another group of friends. I was surprised to see my brother and his best friend hanging out privately, laughing happily. But the most shocking thing was that they… held hands.
When I saw my best friend’s eyes staring at my brother, I knew my best friend was crazy about my brother.

Suddenly, I was stuck between the two sides: The partner, the brother, thought of being tired! My best friend, when I’m not in love, is “stuck” with me like a silhouette, you two have each other everywhere, but after that, love will be lost.

Especially, when we are angry, we see it every day, and my brother always draws me to probe, make peace, and then lose face again.
Dear friend of my brother, I find it as normal as many girls who love my brother, sometimes interesting because I not only have a close friend but also a “sister-in-law” psychological future.

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