This is called humanity the beautiful action of people of color.

A video appeared on social media documenting the life-saving actions of a group of black youths who saved white people. A room on the building was burning with white smoke in the room there was an old man standing on the balcony and alone.

He looked old and walked the hard way Everyone when they found the fire ran out of the building and stood at the bottom. When I saw the old man up there, people were trying to help him.

The people downstairs had used ladders to climb up and down from the railing and run into the house and get the old man out while the white smoke cleared them of dangerous clothes to get the old white man ready.

The amazing action of people of color has been recorded by the camera, to recognize the cameraman, well done, you’ve captured a purely human moment, and for the gentleman who risked his life to save a senior citizen to show that humanity still exists, I wish and hope that we can always come to the aid of people in need!

Before the racist regime of the people, the discrimination of the white people against the black people made the people of the country discriminate against each other because they always treated people of color unfairly even though they were living in the same country.

Until today, when there is no longer any distinction, people are ready to stretch out their arms to love and help each other overcome difficulties, or take actions to help people who are in difficulty.

They are willing to help others when they are in a dangerous situation that can happen to them.

It makes us all more appreciative of love, love for everyone around us.

“All blessings to all who have helped the elderly. May you live to help more people.🙏”

“Amazing heroes. thank you for your kindness”
“After the struggle I’m happy to see that there’s still kindness left in us🥺🔥”

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