Somebody get my dog an award for most dramatic performance

Pets must always be everyone’s spiritual friends in times of fatigue, and the video footage of this guy playing with his dog excites many people because the dog’s top performance is so adorable.

The man is that the kids never grow up, and it’s true in this guy’s case. Playing fake fights with your dog.

The video captures this man holding his dog to the cushion. Then the coordinated dog acted like a real injury to many people who enjoyed the love of this dog.

Then he did something like breathing for the dog to wake up.

Many people think that it is true.

He was ruining the dog’s joy, and when the dog was enjoying the peaceful space, he ran to drive him crazy.

The dog is probably used to him doing stuff like this. He didn’t flinch at all. I , on the other hand, was startled all to hell. People play with their pets like they do kids. And just like kids, pets get used to their owners behavior.

Some pups love to play like this with their humans!!!!! Please stop all the negativity!!!! It’s a beautiful display of loving playfulness!!!!!

Playing with your dog not only makes you closer to your dog, but also makes your love for your dog more cohesive. The dogs want to have fun! Strict training for a dog is important, but you also need to let them have fun.

You can also incorporate games into your training, but you should only stop at the recreational level.

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