Family tip: Clean your home with a note

Cleaning and sanitizing household items is a regular task that you have to do, not only weekly, monthly but sometimes every day. Sometimes it gets boring, doesn’t want to clean, and causes long-lasting stains to stick to utensils. To help you save energy and still be highly efficient in cleaning your supplies, this video will show you how to clean all your supplies quickly.

Besides, there are many devices placed in hidden corners, hard places to access and hard to clean everyday. Or there are objects that are supposed to be washed through the speaker, but they accumulate and cause yellow stains.

The long use of the shaver causes the dirt to get stuck on the inside and cannot be cleaned, so that the missed use will be infected, the quick treatment is to put the shaver in the water bath to run immediately the dirt will wash itself

Have you ever had a headache because the yellow stains in the toilet were hard to clean. To be able to cut through every nook and cranny, we would use a hot lighter and bend a square brush. After that, cleaning started much easier.

Or those long-acting combs that get your hair trapped inside, we’ll clean it by putting the shampoo in the water, then we’ll add the baking soda, stir and mix, then we’ll put the comb in and rinse,all the dirt will be washed.

If you want to clean an electric fan but do not want to dismantle it, this can be done.

First spray water on the entire fan surface then put a bag on, turn on the switch so you can clean the fan surface quickly

Wrenches rusted over time, only through a few steps was it possible to turn the old wrench into the new.

Do you think of using beer for cleaning? The simplest way is to soak the wrench into the beer for one night. And then using a towel to wipe it clean, the wrench becomes a new one.

And then using a towel to wipe it clean, the wrench becomes a new one.

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