people often say enthusiasm+ ignorance = sabotage

Seeing other people in accidents often support, which is true.

The video made the residents laugh because these two sisters tried to take the ball down, but somehow, the shoes that were thrown up were stuck on the basket that couldn’t be taken down.

You can only look at each other wordlessly.

This video captures her sister in black and white looking at the girl in white lounging to get the ball stuck on top.

Immediately rushed back to save the shoe on the girl’s hand to throw

But unexpectedly, as soon as the shoe hit the ball, it stuck hard.

Now there’s one more thing to take down that’s the shoe and the ball.

Seeing that it was hard not to bend her head, she immediately looked in black at her white shirt and signaled to give her the other shoe here.

But they didn’t succeed and had to chase each other to get it.

Any mistake can be corrected, but the fault of the sister in black is too enthusiastic 😀 the second shoe threw up and also made a hard mistake on the basket.

The water is still slapping,

she in black shared the shoes for her in white, each person threw the same shirt

And I thought I could get it down, and I didn’t expect two shoes to fly up, but I didn’t see them fall down and lie down on the basketball 😀 ???

I have to admit, your pitch is so classy that no one can do it.

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